On Earth

The Power of Place

Envision a quiet pond. On a morning so still that the surroundings are reflected perfectly in its surface. Surely there are many names for this state but let’s assign one to it and call it baseline – i.e – everything in the vicinity is relaxed and following its normal routine. A small stone thrown into […]

Commitment, Ceremony and Community

These three ‘C’ words are hopelessly intertwined.  Ya can’t have one without the other. As part of my ongoing commitment to ceremony and community, I made a New Year’s Resolution to do a ceremony with every full moon during 2015.  Part of the reason is to reconnect myself with the natural rhythms of our Earth […]

The New Homespun Era

An economic and cultural transition is taking place in towns and farmlands throughout much of New York’s Hudson Valley, particularly where I live in Ulster County, in the Rondout Valley. We’re experiencing a sharp turn toward localism, epitomized by the Local Economies Project (LEP), which is funded by The New World Foundation. The LEP has […]