Carl Big Heart reflecting on children and teens at our camp:

“To grow and play, to learn skills and sit around the camp fire and the lodge… these things become an enrichment and a guide for the lives of our youth. We dream this together, and build a good space for them to come to. From this they will grow and bless all our lives. Our Labor Day Camp is a time and place where things just make sense, and everything feels good and right. Its a place where we find ease, peace, and deep relaxation, along with songs and laughter, in great balance and harmony because the foundation is built upon our unified prayers of the heart. One of my greatest joys is the gift that flows into me when I witness the amazement and happiness in the eyes of young people who move into this clean safe beautiful space created by our community. In that moment everything makes sense to me why we do what we do. There are no questions, no words, just being together in peace and blessing, in the beauty of pristine nature.”


Our camp is fortunate to have several skilled naturalists and trackers. When teens are curious and interested – these skilled individuals have opened up amazing activities for teens to explore and discover realms of self-awareness. A “Jedi Training Camp” is setup each year for teens and pre-teens to experiment with and cultivate balance, precision, and strategy. It’s a fun thing.


Children are a cherished and essential part of our community. This year, as a part of our newer clan structures, we will have the Chipmunk Clan! The Chipmunk Clan will be a childcare co-op. Parents and Children can join the clan together. Parents will be encouraged to contribute time, attention and creativity to collectively care for the kids. This will facilitate parents supporting each other to be able to be in ceremony or other activities knowing that their children are safe, having fun, and making new friends.