A rough schedule to help you plan your arrival:

 Friday: Dinner at 6:00pm. Opening Circle following dinner.
Sweat lodges at 2:00pm on Saturday and Sunday

Sunrise Pipe Ceremony Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Classes from 10:30am-12:00pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Afternoon classes Saturday and Sunday.
Raffle Monday morning following breakfast
Closing Circle Monday before lunch
Camp concludes with lunch on Monday
Monday afternoon: breaking down camp (with happy hearts and helpful hands!)

There will be a registration area set up near the camp kitchen, and run by the Wolf Clan. It is necessary to register first thing upon your arrival, pay fees, sign a waiver and be assigned to a clan.

Land-Use Fees – $10 per person per day, campers under 18 are free.

Ashokan has made some careful arrangements this year to be able to offer the Pine Grove to us without charging us land use fees. We do, however, have some additional expenses to support the infrastructure of the camp: from insurance, to porta-potties, etc. We are asking a nominal fee of $10 per person per day.  However, no one is ever turned away due to lack of funds!

Camping & Housing

A majority of the community camps together in the Pine Grove enjoying campfires, talks, music, and community time together.

If for any reason you need options other than camping in the Pine Grove overnight – it is advisable to look for bed & breakfasts, motels, or Air BnB options in the surrounding area (Shokan, Town of Olive, and Woodstock, Ny).

This year we do not have access to the other side of the Ashokan Campus during our weekend gathering – we are restricted only to the Pine Grove – as a result, there are no options for Dorm housing.

If you are camping, after registering you can set off into the surrounding forested grounds to find a suitable space to place your tent for the weekend. It really is a beautiful place, and it’s remarkable to be a part of the village as it comes life.

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