Food & Kitchen

Community Meals and Kitchen information:

The Heart of the Camp welcomes you into Nutrition, Simplicity and Gratitude this year…

As all of us bring awareness to our intentions, both personal and group, for coming to the Labor Day Gathering, we can include our prayers and light intentions in the purchasing and preparation of the food that we bring to camp.

It is not necessarily important what brand of food we buy, or from what place…it is much more important that we buy it with love and gratitude.

Another very important step in making the heart of the camp beat in joy is to simply enjoy the experience of being a part of a clan–of preparing food and cleaning up for your sisters and brothers…and to trust that there is always, always enough, and that we all have exactly what we need.

Our Grocery List is at this link:


(LOCAL and backyard = HAPPIER MOTHER EARTH!) If you have a responsible bulk source of any grocery list item, you are welcome to bring a higher quantity of that/those item(s) rather than a smaller amount of everything on the grocery list.

Our meals (beginning with Thursday supper and ending with Monday lunch) will be prepared in the camp kitchen from the groceries that we ask each of you to bring. Please DO NOT bring precooked dishes. If you wish to help provide part the Thursday evening community meal, please contact Lanie at l.garnerwinter at gmail dot com.

Please bring:* Groceries: :* Your own cup, mug, eating utensils, plate and bowl (these will not be supplied by the camp).* Large coolers with extra ice (to be used in the kitchen).* Your own bag lunch for Thursday, if you plan to be there to help with camp setup.*

Please note:Pre-wash all produce

  • Provide for your own special dietary needs. You can bring your own separate cooler to keep tightly sealed in your car.
  • We are unable to accept food for the kitchen beyond Sunday breakfast. If you arrive after that, a monetary donation for food would be most appreciated. All leftover food will be donated.

Grocery List: For a detailed list in printable format:

Here are some resources for Local & Conscious Food Purchasing in the Hudson Valley:



WALLKILL VIEW FARM MARKET, New Paltz, NY (The Ferrante Family)

SUNFROST FARMS, near Woodstock, NY (a food stand–Matt is the owner’s name)

A large list of NY State Natural Food and Health Food Stores: