Commit to Ceremony

Let us remember that the lodge starts the moment you commit to go to the ceremony and can have active effects in your life for an extended period after the day of the ceremony.  It would be a good idea to set aside 5 or 10 minutes each day for a few days prior to the lodge to reflect on why you are attending this ceremony.  Look inside and acknowledge the parts of yourself that respond to the call of a sweat lodge.

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The sweat lodge ceremony is an ancient ceremony of prayer and purification. On Saturday and Sunday mornings we’ll gather around 10:00 for a period of preparation and prayer, to build the fire and place the stones in a sacred way, and to cover the lodge and make prayer ties. We’ll enter the lodge around 1:00.

Eat lightly or fast prior to the lodge and drink plenty of water. It is recommended that, while in the lodge, men wear shorts and women wear a cotton dress or skirt and top which covers shoulders, chest and knees. Bring two towels and warm clothes to change into afterwards, and lots of drinking water.

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