October 2014

A New Endeavor.

Welcome! Welkom! Fáilte roimh! Welcome to our first monthly newsletter! We have an amazing circle stretching from Belgium to Holland to Ireland to the United States, and so much goes on in each of these different circles – how wonderful would it be if there was a way we could begin to share with each other not only the […]

Gratitude Corner

I often forget the important details on stuff. Medicine Bear often passes us a teaching that he heard from someone else.. and who that other teacher or elder was, I can’t remember. But I do remember the teaching: “Gratitude will take you all the way.”  Each month we will fill this corner with the overflowing […]

From the Garden

I am consumed with food.  So when I found out our community was starting a monthly newsletter, I knew I had another outlet to talk about food.  However, this corner will not be just from me.  I was asked to contribute for the first one but would like to invite anyone who grows a garden, […]

Big Heart at Antropia

Menno is one of the community members of the circle over in Holland. Recently the circle there has been displaced from the property (Antropia) where they have been gathering and doing sweats on for years. Menno remembers to us his early experiences of meeting Carl, the circle, and growing fond of the land at Antropia:   The […]