November 2014

Caring For Carl

Carl’s recent surgery has not only challenged our community by keeping Carl from joining us at the lodge sites in ceremony this fall, his surgery has also challenged our ability to support him in the ways we usually do. Conversations have been occurring on both sides of the Atlantic about how we as a family […]

The New Homespun Era

An economic and cultural transition is taking place in towns and farmlands throughout much of New York’s Hudson Valley, particularly where I live in Ulster County, in the Rondout Valley. We’re experiencing a sharp turn toward localism, epitomized by the Local Economies Project (LEP), which is funded by The New World Foundation. The LEP has […]

Updates from Ireland

Thanks to Stefan and everybody else who has contributed to initiating the Big Heart Newsletter. This is a great idea and a really valuable service to our community. It provides a great opportunity for all of us in the various countries to get to know each other and provides a window (espeically with the photos) […]


Camino Ghost leaved poplars flicker lighten my step their jigsaw bark seeps with story connective tissues and my muscles remember In walking we shed old stories don’t even have to try every beat drop in a little more bits fall onto the road gold wheat horizon and blood red poppies hold the answers Old demons […]


Aoibhe I am everything you don’t know about me I am what you see, what you get and what you don’t get I am not a mother, lover, sister but millions of cells made from the grandmothers who walked in moontime across mountains barefoot fondling the land that flickers in my eyes now and then […]