Gratitude Corner

You Are Wonderful!

A small team of us have been collaborating and working with John to create several video clips of him talking about and sharing his poetry – primarily as a means of helping him get more exposure for his recent self-published poetry collection: Moving To Completion. One of the fun clips were able to extract is […]

Please Tell Them This

PLEASE TELL THEM THIS   Upon my return from a yoga and art teacher¬†training, a few weeks ago a woman asked me to support her bedridden father. Her father lived the life of a cowboy in Arizona. He is also a poet and environmentalist. When I arrive at his bedside, the cowbow-poet is usually asleep […]

For Robin

I’ve been pretty hesitant to include anything about Robin Williams in this shared space of our newly forming newsletter. The fact that he exists in our culture as a “celebrity” makes me tentative about pronouncing his memory here. But the amount of joy, inspiration, hope, imagination, and the unbridled striving for a true life that […]

Gratitude Corner

I often forget the important details on stuff. Medicine Bear often passes us a teaching that he heard from someone else.. and who that other teacher or elder was, I can’t remember. But I do remember the teaching: “Gratitude will take you all the way.” ¬†Each month we will fill this corner with the overflowing […]