Community Updates

A Short Report from Holland

Dear sisters and brothers from the Big Heart Family, As you may know, we got permission to create a place on a ecological campsite in Vorden, in the East of Holland. Actually it is better because the people who live there semi-permanantly are very enthusiastic about our coming. Last weekend we started on the site […]

Join Our Newsletter Clan

Originally, my intention was to be able to put out a monthly newsletter for our community. The winter months grew quite busy for me, and it seems for many others too, so I found myself lacking the free time and “bandwidth” to pull the needed pieces together to get the newsletter out. Now, as spring […]

You Are Wonderful!

A small team of us have been collaborating and working with John to create several video clips of him talking about and sharing his poetry – primarily as a means of helping him get more exposure for his recent self-published poetry collection: Moving To Completion. One of the fun clips were able to extract is […]

Caring For Carl

Carl’s recent surgery has not only challenged our community by keeping Carl from joining us at the lodge sites in ceremony this fall, his surgery has also challenged our ability to support him in the ways we usually do. Conversations have been occurring on both sides of the Atlantic about how we as a family […]

Updates from Ireland

Thanks to Stefan and everybody else who has contributed to initiating the Big Heart Newsletter. This is a great idea and a really valuable service to our community. It provides a great opportunity for all of us in the various countries to get to know each other and provides a window (espeically with the photos) […]

Big Heart at Antropia

Menno is one of the community members of the circle over in Holland. Recently the circle there has been displaced from the property (Antropia) where they have been gathering and doing sweats on for years. Menno remembers to us his early experiences of meeting Carl, the circle, and growing fond of the land at Antropia:   The […]