A Short Report from Holland

Dear sisters and brothers from the Big Heart Family,

foto 2 (3)As you may know, we got permission to create a place on a ecological campsite in Vorden, in the East of Holland. Actually it is better because the people who live there semi-permanantly are very enthusiastic about our coming. Last weekend we started on the site with a small ceremony to told all the trees and animals that we want to use the place and have to cut the trees to make space for the lodge and space for wood fire keepers tent and moon tent for the women. In the mean time some people were busy collecting all kinds of belongings at the old place in Zeist and later on Saturday joined us in Vorden.foto 2 (2)

After cutting all the trees we had a more formal ceremony on the future fire-spot. It was a wonderful atmosphere which was recognized and enjoined by everybody. On Sunday we build a fence around the spot with the branches of all the trees. The bigger parts of the trees are used by the owners of he camp site for building and partly as fire wood for their stoves.


It was a wonderful weekend in a very positive atmosphere. Next weekend (last weekend of March) we shall build the lodge and start with building toilet cabins and a foto 1 (3)wood and blanket cot. Besides that we bought a container which we use for the rest of our equipment which is going to be transported this weekend also.

So we are in full swing preparing the place and are very happy that Carl and Stephanie probably are coming to Europe this Spring.

We hope you are all well, Menno




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foto 3 (1)

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